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For 30+ years, Home, Door & Window Products has provided top-notch door and window products to Southeast Michigan. Home & Door is a trusted name in the Lathrup Village area to deliver top-of-the-line doors and installation, including beautifully designed Marvin bi-fold doors. When you are searching for new doors, consider adding bi-fold doors to add a great feature to your interior. Home & Door will help you find the perfect match to your existing decor and ensure your bifold doors are correctly installed on your Lathrup Village property.

Lathrup Village Bifold Doors

Remember the experts at Home & Door when it comes time to have new doors installed in your Lathrup Village home. In 1923, Louise Lathrup Kelley imagined and began the community site, Lathrup Village. She had strict rules regarding construction and how homes must look. The community has grown to over 4,000 residents and was incorporated in 1958. When settling into your new home or completing renovations, consider that Home & Door has top-of-the-line Marvin bi-fold doors available to elevate the look of your home.

Lathrup Village Marvin Bi-fold Doors

The only name you need to know for bi fold doors near Lathrup Village is Home & Door. We are a one-stop-shop for all door products! Our bifold doors will add space to your home by opening in an accordion movement instead of swinging completely open. Home & Door will bring added value and sophistication to your property. We are professional experienced and have a wide variety of bi fold door styles to choose from. Do not hesitate to contact the friendly team at Home, Door & Window Products for the best bifold doors, Marvin bi-fold doors.

Lathrup Village Bi Fold Doors | Lathrup Village Bifold Doors | Lathrup Village Marvin Bi-fold Doors